The “Millionaire Masterclass” Are Much More Exclusive

They Are Designed For Entrepreneurs Who Are Already Successful And Are Looking To Grow & Scale Their Company To Over 6 Figures To 1M+ A Year In Revenue



and are looking for a deeper level of personalized support and mentorship to help you take things to the next level, you can become apart of the private Masterclass that Coach Andrea runs called

The Only Circle Of Business Owners In The World

That Spends Private Time With Coach Andrea

To Learn The Systems To Accelerate Wealth And Freedom By Transforming Ordinary Businesses Into Scalable Remote Organizations

attendees receive the personalized systems and processes that will take them from $100,000 to $1 million … and beyond.

When you attend we’re going to give you all the:






You need to dramatically scale your new business venture to the next level.

Whether you want to maximize your skills and scale your business

in order retire or you just want to dominate your industry and create a global empire,

or anywhere in between, this is the place for you.

is designed for those committed to living life at a level few may ever attain.

‍Limited to an exclusive group of 10 serious players worldwide

The Millionaire Masterclass provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with other next level entrepreneurs and learn privately from Andrea herself.

combines a mix of private advisory support, along with

3 Days of Mentorship


consulting to help develop your idea

create your marketing edge

understand the sales strategy

walk away with a blueprint to take action on right away

4 Days and 3 Nights Stay with Room and Amenities!

 Is All About Becoming A Master CEO And Developing The Skills And Resources You Need To:



Manage Your Next Level

There’s never been a more critical time 

for the kind of elite business leadership offered in

You see, most entrepreneurs don’t yet realize this, 

but we’re now at the dawn of a new business era.

I’ve predicted this change for years. 

But I had no idea how fast it would come.
And I had no idea how urgent the need for businesses to pivot would be.

Especially for businesses that appear from the outside to be on the right track today.
Yes, I’m talking about the Global Pandemic.

But this cataclysmic shift was going to come anyway.

The Pandemic Only Accelerated What Was Already Destined to Come

As you know, brick and mortar retail is dying. The traditional office is dying.
Those are what I call “StandALone” 1.0 businesses.

As you know, those kinds of businesses have been on life support for years anyway.

Now the Coronavirus has put the nail in the coffin, even if some continue to fight.

But what you might NOT know is that

“Employee Based Business 2.0 businesses have also been dying"

These are the businesses that took advantage of opportunities and hired people to help.

Over time, these companies have turned into self-employment organizations where you’re doing almost everything, lack of infrastructure and massive overhead.

Which Leads Me to the Destination Smart Entrepreneurs Must Head for Now

Scale Your Business 3.0 businesses are leaner and nimbler.
They take advantage of the internet as well. But they structure their businesses completely differently.


Use social media to drive free visitors a month. They’re not reliant on any one platform. And they’re not reliant on the fickleness of paid advertising.

Have fully remote teams. Or at least clustered among different time zones. As a result, they get work done 24 hours a day. A work from home order means very little adjustment.

Have regular, repeatable, or recurring revenue. They sell to the same customers over and over. And they have high margins. So, they have plenty of cash flow. Enough cash flow to handle any sudden economic downturns.

Have systems in place to scale big and fast. Systems that won't collapse under pressure.

CEO’s Who Adapt to

Are Built to SURVIVE Anything

The beauty of pivoting to a scalable company is that, if you do it right, it can scale as big as you like.

But it’s not just scalability.
Gathering the processes and systems from Master Coach Andrea at the Millionaire Masterclass will equip companies to survive just about anything.
With small teams all over the world… of visitors from different social media platforms…recurring revenue and large cash flow…your business will be virtually indestructible.
Compare your current business model to what’s happening?

Do You Need To Shift?

The Millionaire Masterclass will help you truly LIVE your BOSS Status.

When students attend the

you can expect to receive hands on solutions to solve your challenges such as:

Putting your ideas on paper with Coach Andrea

1. Putting your ideas on paper with Coach Andrea’s Idea Generation and Clarity Section

Determine a profitable brand

2. Determine a profitable design, structure and imaging for your brand with gaining access to Andrea’s branding guidelines and proven strategies for proper branding and industry differentiation

Gain the wisdom and clarity

3. Get it done! Compare your binders to those of Coach Andrea make corrections. Gain the wisdom and clarity you’ll need to get it done

Solve your Office Setup

4. Office order causes increase. Solve your office setup and get the behind the scenes to office setup for directors and admin accountability with personalize help to establish your desk, reception area and entry area for parent and child setup

Launch and Learn

5. Launch and Learn the flow and power of your pre-hire, new hire and teacher 10 week training for precise on boarding and hiring.

implement online systems

6. Easy as 1.2.3. for owners who are ready to implement online systems as you sit and follow instructions while Coach Andrea Walk you through properly setting them up, one on one

time to accomplish

7. If you love hearing instruction but you’re seeking time to accomplish what you’ve heard here is the time and space provided to do so with Coach Andrea helping you and showing you how, IN PERSON

simulated environments and ready for execution

8. Attending live you’ll receive simulated environments to see the systems done in place and ready for execution.

Don’t worry about where you’re staying,

Your exclusive stay is included in your package

where you’re surrounded with beauty, comfort, cleanliness, peace, space and the luxurious St. Simons and Jekyll Islands for after hour fun!

Included in your package you’ll receive 

Room and Board Accommodations
Room and Board Accommodations for 4 Days and 3 Nights with arrival times set for 11am and departure time set for 2pm.
Business Center
Business Center Access and Hands On Walk Though Of My Systems

Transportation To and From the local airport BQK
Daily Light refreshments and 1 Meal Accommodation Each Day
3 Full Day Trainings 
Self - Care
Alone and Quiet Time To Be Refreshed 

Leave this Masterclass Empowered and DONE.

Ready to work and create a thriving future and business for yourself and your love ones! 

Who should Attend?

Money Makers!

Money Markers are not just business owners.

  Money Makers

are visionaries, competent strategists, intelligent investors, fierce leaders, and daring enterprisers.

  Money Makers

either dominate an industry or shape an industry—they are Category Kings or Queens.

Not everyone is made to be a Money Maker—not everyone has the drive and commitment it takes to reach their full potential and build massively profitable businesses.

Behind Every Great Leader,

There is a Great Advisor

What does this have to do with you?


Join us in

to Safely Navigate All the Obstacles and Growing Pains You’ll Encounter Along the Way While Taking Your Vision To Another Level

In The Millionaire Masterclass, members receive the:

The personalized proven systems

access to Andrea’s templates

lessons to understanding processes that will take them from $100000 to $1 million … and then beyond

Money Makers Like Yourself Fail 

by underestimating the importance of strategy and appointing the right advisors and Listening to them and DOING the WORK.


"For every level, there's another system you must master."

- Andrea Dickerson Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved